Too Soon

Artist Sarah Bonsignore
By Sarah Bonsignore


Here's a song I wrote with my mom and dad in mind.  I think losing a child is one of the hardest things any human ever has to bare. My parents lost three children. I used to think my older brother, Jonathan, was the little boy fishing on the crescent moon (that I still sometimes see at the beginning of movies). He looked just like that. Angelic. Content. My parents get up every day, breathe in and out, and continue to love life and spread joy. Their courage has made me who I am, and they give me daily perspective. Life is such a precious gift, not to be wasted. And I am reminded to tell those I love just how much I love them...all the time...and to always try to be everyone. You just never know where someone is coming from, or what their story is. 

I guess this song it to all the parents who've had to say goodbye too soon...or to anyone who's ever lost anyone they love for that matter.